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The Pace of Physical Healing vs. Etheric Healing
by Christopher and Jeannine Jelm

As clients and students go through their spiritual processing, we often receive feedback on how fast things seem to change on the etheric subtle-body and chakra levels compared to the slow clearing and healing of the physical body. There seem to be major differences in the way energies release and transmute away on the etheric side relatively easily compared to the rather tenacious way old patterns stay stuck in the physical body. We appear to be very nimble and quick to change on the etheric and very slow moving when it comes to cleansing, detoxing and healing within the body. Based on this feedback and our own personal observations combined with our channeling on the topic, we offer you a few ideas about "the pace of physical healing compared to etheric healing."

From our Lightarian perspective, here is an outline of important factors that can influence the typically slower rate at which the physical body clears and heals itself....

[1] Just the vibrational difference between the physical body and say the emotional body creates the perception of an enormous time-lag in the physical body’s rate of response to change. Physical matter just simply moves and changes more slowly than etheric substance! So, healing that takes place in the emotional body will eventually, repeat eventually, show up in the physical...it will just take some time.

[2] You may be carefully monitoring a particular physical symptom that you are dealing with and feel that it is taking too long to heal. You may just need to be patient regarding that physical symptom, because the source of it is in the higher etheric planes and these perhaps mental and emotional roots of it have not yet been fully cleared and healed. So, more may have to be accomplished in the etheric before the physical symptom can begin to heal.

[3] It may be about overall timing. Perhaps your physical body has a particular sequence that it needs to go through before a specific symptom can be addressed in the overall healing scheme for yourself. This ties in with what we call the "ungrooving" of the physical body. The body will take "its own sweet time" to release the old patterns and stuff that it has deeply stored in its "grooves." You can read an article on our website which focuses on the topic of "ungrooving the physical body" at www.lightarian.com/article/ungrooving.htm

[4] Often a physical issue will persist because there’s a need to raise your awareness and consciousness about some particular emotional and/or mental issues in your life. So, it may not be about "magic-wand-time type healing" taking place without your conscious participation at the physical level. Perhaps it is important for you to address some aspect of physical body cleansing, detoxing, changes in eating patterns or avoiding drinking, smoking or taking drugs. Perhaps there are some major lessons for you to learn about discipline, proper physical body care and your lifestyle, in general.

We have come to learn that spiritual/physical processing and healing can take years based on our own experiences and feedback from others. In addition to the "ungrooving" process, this often long-term requirement for physical healing is also due to the way that toxins from inappropriate eating, drinking, smoking, drugs, etc, become very deeply stored in the tissue and organs of the body. It takes lots of time for all of these toxic residues to slowly "bleed out" and get transferred through your blood stream and lymph system to eventually get to your regular elimination systems like urine, feces, sweat, etc. It just seems to take time. Decades of abuse may take months and years to appropriately clear from the body...at a slow enough pace to avoid creating toxic overloads in your transfer and elimination systems such as in the blood, lymph, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.

There appear to be two important aspects to supporting the physical body in its healing process...surrender and discipline! Surrender to the way in which your Higher Self is working within you to empower, clear, heal and activate your subtle energy field and your physical body. And while you are surrendering to that, apply appropriate conscious action and discipline in your day-to-day life to nurture the body. Constantly examine and re-examine your current lifestyle and practices that impact on the physical body. Tune in to your body now and see if changes are needed to keep up with the amount of Light that you are carrying now and the need for the body to get even clearer and more healed at this time! If you are a vegetarian, consider going vegan. If you are a vegan, listen to the body...re-examine...and perhaps start to go with purer, lighter and simpler foods. Go organic with as many of your foods as possible. Consider moving to less complex meals...having just a few foods at a time. Review your regimen of vitamins, minerals and other supplements ...tune in and see what feels right for you to be doing now. And start drinking plenty of water each day in case you don't already do so. The body needs a good flushing out of toxins on an ongoing basis.

The physical body is like a big warehouse that can take some time to empty as you gently remove the old patterns and toxins that have accumulated over your lifetime. Etherically, we can move so fast, but lots of us have this problem of waiting around for the body to catch up. So more patience may be required for your overall, deep spiritual/physical releasing and healing to be accomplished.

Our experience is that physical body healing can be pretty tricky stuff. For many of us, after having done so much etheric energy work on ourselves, it may be quite a challenge to finally begin to accurately and appropriately discern how to take care of the body. Please remember that your body is "the physical vehicle" that you chose to work through for this incarnation...and it deserves your best care! Just be gentle and patient with your clearing and healing process and keep exploring on the inner planes how to provide your physical body with positive self-empowerment and nurturing self-support.


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