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by Christopher and Jeannine Marie Jelm

In previous articles, we have talked about the physical body ultimately needing to become thoroughly detoxified and fully healed in order to carry more Light through it as a vehicle for divine work. When one goes through the process of etheric clearing, healing and activation work, the physical body is powerfully launched along a path of natural healing and transformation. In general terms, through our experiences with clients and students regarding this physical processing, we have learned that the physical body is very slow to heal! Certainly, the physical body is far slower in its healing responses than our etheric, subtle bodies.

We are learning more about how the healing process within the physical body can be likened to the smoothing out and clearing of old, engrained patterns of stress, discomfort, debilitation and disease. All of life's adverse impacts have generated these patterns and, as we move along our spiritual paths, they will begin to come to the forefront to be released. Over the years, actual physical traumas and accumulated adverse emotional/mental experiences have all left their deep imprints in the physical body. We have received imagery about this imprinting process...that the body holds these old patterns just like the "grooves" in an old-style vinyl record...and that the physical body's clearing/healing process could be best understood as the smoothing out of these grooves.

We now better understand how the process of groove-building (via traumas and adverse impacts, etc.) and the process of groove-smoothing (clearing and healing) have been taking place at varying rates and in various parts of the physical body all during our lifetimes. Unfortunately, as time has moved on for most of us, the building-up process has generally outweighed the smoothing-out! For most of us, the net effect has been the accumulation of grooving that has led to the various levels of discomfort, disease and lack of vitality experienced ongoingly within the physical body.

Actually, just as higher vibrational music is produced by the patterns contained within the old vinyl record's grooves, we have found that higher vibrational patterns (ones that we would normally call emotional and mental experiences) can be generated strictly from the physical body's grooved-in patterns. As you go through the process of releasing your etheric adverse patterns through various forms of energy work, perhaps even to advanced levels of etheric clarity, you will probably still have the experience of adverse emotional and mental stuff coming up! This kind of experience is based on this simple idea....that the old patterns stored in the physical body can be stimulated and "play out" just the way music is generated by the needle moving through the grooves of the vinyl record. This phenomenon seems to be part of the physical body's post-etheric-clearing process as it heals. Eventually the physical body will naturally heal, but along the way it may be stimulated to present us with some of our apparently deepest, oldest emotional/mental issues to deal with!

Attending to the healing of the physical body through dietary change, detoxification and various forms of etheric energy work represents the start of what we call the "ungrooving" process. In order to most effectively bring the physical body into a truly healthy, vibrant state, all of the sources of your grooving need to be completely removed, so that the process of groove-smoothing and the ultimate healing/transformation of the physical body can be accelerated! During these times of rapid planetary vibrational change, many of us are being stimulated to accelerate the natural healing of our physical bodies and to further lift our subtle body vibrational rates...all to enhance the personal ascension process...all to move us more gently and gracefully along our spiritual paths!




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