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In addition to the Welcome Note, you'll also find the following articles:

FOUNDERS' NOTE: Spiritual Evolution by Christopher and Jeannine Jelm, USA

Alchemy of Nutrition - Cleansing while Clearing by Linda Meneses, Portugal

Channeling: Circle of LIGHT through Peggy Zeramby, USA

Crystal Blessings: Tiger's Eye by Vivienne Kueck, South Africa

Curable from Within - Reiki for Everyone by Stephen Lovering, UK

Featured Licensee: Yuko Okamoto, Japan

The Power of Intent:  Connections by Jodi A. Zeramby, USA








Welcome!  It is time!

My journey, since accepting my position last year, has been about patience and timing.  Two weeks ago I heard, "It is time!"  I jumped onto my computer and sent out emails asking for articles and input.  Everyone responded so quickly and generously to the Lightarian Institute and its community to make this newsletter happen.  "It is time," and therefore it all came together so easily.  And what a community we have....the Registered Lightarian Teachers are spread throughout 47 different countries!! 

The newsletter is chock full of insights and tools to use as you continuously ascend -- or even "descend" as we also refer to this process here at the Lightarian Institute.  Each newsletter will include regular columns, as well as new items mixed in, all to enhance your accelerated spiritual journey. 

It is with the biggest heart filled with appreciation and joy that I send this to you. 

With love, light and many blessings,

Peggy Zeramby

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Channeling: Circle of LIGHT

through Peggy Zeramby, Lead Teacher and Channel, President, Lightarian Institute, USA

We are the Circle of LIGHT.  Many of you know us as our individual entities as we are the Angels, Ascended Masters, Maitreya, all levels that make up the Godhead and yet we are more than that.  About two years ago, we started to channel to Peggy Zeramby as the group energy as before then she would channel us individually. When she stepped into her position last year as the Leader for the Lightarian Institute we continued to come to her to assist her in the day to day happenings in your world and also through the energy work that she facilitates.  This past year has been a year of alignment, and preparation for all that is manifesting for the Lightarian Institute.

As the Circle of LIGHT we also consist of energies that many of you are not aware of on a conscious level.  We support you none the less and there is always such celebration when each of you have received or choose to facilitate an attunement for others.  We are joyful from this side as we watch all of you expanding, becoming lighter and brighter.  There have been many changes to the energies of your Earth which only propels each of you forward along your path of spiritual growth.  Gaia continues to make her shifts and changes as she releases much like you do.  And there is still many to assist as they step into their own power and onto their own accelerated spiritual path. 

The Circle of LIGHT includes and is connected to all vibrational realms.  The image we share is a brilliant ball of Light that represents the whole of this realm of the Universe and connected as one to the other "balls" of Light which consists of all vibrational realms.  Each one of you represents a combination or extraction from this ball of Light.  You are a particular formula or combination, if you will, that is anchored inside your body while it is alive.  As you live your life in your physical reality, and learn, release, stretch and grow you are still one with the whole and therefore your growth is our growth.  There is such gratitude from this side of awareness for all that each of you are doing, because as you expand the “Ball” expands its ability to expand throughout all the incarnational experiences.  There are also many beings that learn from this side of the veil through those that are on a path such as yours.   The purpose of introducing ourselves to all of you is so that you might submit questions.  We are lovingly available to each of you every moment.  With appreciation and gratitude.....the Circle of LIGHT.  

If you wish to submit questions to be answered in future issues of the Lightarian Institute's newsletter, please send them to: [email protected] with the subject heading as Circle of LIGHT. 

 2007 copyright Lightarian Institute All Rights Reserved

To learn more about who Peggy Zeramby is explore the Lightarian staff pages by clicking here:  www.lightarian.com/staff.htm










Crystal Blessings:

Benefits of Tiger’s Eye                                by Vivienne Kueck, Lightarian Licensee, South Africa

Name: Tiger Eye Tumbled Tiger's Eye

Description: A silicate – variation of Quartz containing fibers of Crocidolite altered to a golden colour, banded with chatoyancy

Source: South Africa

Healing Properties: This mineral is highly revered as the stone of prosperity, mental upliftment and vitality, specifically energizing the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Healing Layout: To connect with the power symbol of the sun, whilst lying down, place three Golden Tiger Eye gemstones evenly spaced onto the root chakra, three onto the sacral chakra and one on the solar plexus, creating a pyramid shape.

Relax for 5 – 10 minutes whilst taking several deep breaths in and out, through the solar plexus, quiet the mind and create a connection with Mother Earth.

Embrace and thank for the power of the Sun for this renewed energy and growth for your body, mind and soul. Repeat when needed.

To maintain this connection, keep one of your Tiger Eye gemstones either in your pocket or purse.

Enjoy your personal growth with the energy of Tiger Eye!

Crystal Blessings,

Vivienne Kueck

STONES FOR AFRICA CC  www.stonesforafrica.co.za

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Curable from Within!  by Stephen Lovering, Lightarian Licensee, UK

Working with people who have serious or life threatening illnesses made me aware that an increasing number of people were being denied the chance to learn and work with Reiki. I was amazed to hear that people were being told that they couldn’t learn Reiki if they had a serious illness as they may pass the illness on to others or even being told that there was no point! Having clients and friends who have serious illnesses, and seeing the benefits they gained from learning and working with Reiki, was the catalyst for starting Curable from Within.

Currently a non-profit organisation (soon to be a registered charity) free Level one courses in Usui Reiki are offered throughout the United Kingdom to people who have terminal/serious illnesses. Curable from Within will ultimately expand to the USA and Canada and will rely purely on donations from supporters.

I actively promote and encourage the teaching of Reiki to disabled and physically less able students - there is absolutely NO REASON why people with disabilities or terminal illnesses cannot learn Reiki - some of the best Reiki practitioners have disabilities/terminal illnesses and of course by working with Reiki they are promoting their own well being and clearing and healing process.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't learn and work with Reiki - YOU CAN !

Further information can be found at www.curablefromwithin.org - if you know anyone who may benefit from the courses offered please feel welcome to refer them to the website.


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The Power of Intent:  Connections
by Jodi A. Zeramby

It seems to me that every person is unique.  That said, how is it that we are able to connect?  We are individuals, alone in our perspective, that which is based on our experiences, instincts, societal influence, and genetic makeup.  For example, the way I view a flower is different from your way.  Depending on the day--my thoughts, my experiences, my health and my mental well-being, I will view the flower with different perceptions.  Moreover, the way I view that flower today may be different than how I view it on a different day.  Today, viewing a red calle lily, I see the texture, the merging and separation of colors, the elegant shape, life itself in this small cosmopolitan force of energy.  I feel its aura, how it reflects pureness, complexity, and sweetness.  I inhale its essence, smiling at the simplicity of the senses and how it can bridge the gap between human and plant, a profound connection.  I recognize and am immersed in beauty.  Without touching, I am touched. 

Yet tomorrow or yesterday my senses are different.  My interpretation of the lily, different.  Why?  Today, I take the time to notice, to be present.  I am, so it is.  I connect to myself, and by doing so, I connect to all that is part of my existence.   

How, then, do we connect with others?  We find a commonality among experiences.  As humans, we attempt to explain—everything, not only to find order out of chaos, but also so that we can share, and by sharing, not be alone in our experiences.  When I read a book, I may connect with the characters, the setting, or the message.  This connection occurs when I recognize emotions I have felt or could imagine myself feeling when found in a similar situation.  Pure conjecture, of course.   How do I really know? Without the actual experience in the present, I have no solid foundation from which to formulate my supposed reactions.  

Shared experiences bind us, whether shared in the mind and imagination or shared through the actual, physical actions.  When people have a common experience or a common goal, it acts as a thread that binds them—the strongest thread, in fact.  So, then are we looking at the goal, instead of the actual experience which connects us?  Isn’t it true that the journey, the common experience is just as important?  How do we define this paradoxical relationship of the journey and the finish line, and the natural outgrowth of people’s experiences and connections? Confusing, isn’t it?  What do you think? 

The question remains, how do we extend ourselves to truly connect with others?  Is it even possible?  I go back to connecting with my spirit.  It is only through loving myself, accepting myself, and understanding myself that I can reach out to others. I have studied many philosophies, religions, thinkers, and scientists—amazing concepts, truly.  The Transcendentalists espoused that we can only connect with our true power through intuition.  By listening to our inner voices, we are able to tap into the Divine Soul.  But, it is more than that.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “As fast as you conform your life to the pure idea in your mind, that will unfold its great proportions.  A correspondent revolution in things will attend the influx of the spirit.”   Yet, how do we know of what the pure idea consists, as opposed to selfish will?  Does it matter?  After all, isn’t it all about intention?  If I desire a certain outcome, I send out my intention and let it go.  I go on with life.  I no longer worry the subject.  At least, that is my aim.  But, the mind doesn’t always work that way, does it? It goes back to perception, to the strength of the mind, to overcoming fears.  And, it is more than positive thinking when we place our intentions into the universe; we have to believe in it one hundred percent, live the reality before it becomes the reality.  If we harbor any doubts or fears for the positive outcome of the intention, that desire will not come to fruition.  After all, we may be able to fool ourselves at times, but we cannot fool the universe.  It hears all our thoughts, positive and negative, and grants every intention.  We shift and shape reality with our thoughts, and thoughts create our undulating reality.  

Some believe that, to live a purely spiritual life and to connect truly with the spirit, the Divine Soul, one must reject the rest of the world.  To remain true to the spirit, one must release selfishness, anger, sadness, and all other types of lower vibrational emotions—emotions that emit negative, slower frequencies of vibration that make up our physical bodies.  How is that possible when interacting with others who have their own wants, feelings, desires and agendas?  Even if a person attains a higher vibrational energy level, that person is influenced by the bombardment of others’ energies.  That’s where interacting is so fascinating! Positive emotions raise a person’s vibration, too.  That energy affects others as surely as do negative emotions.  When someone smiles at you, doesn’t it make you smile?  It is uplifting, yes? 

The question becomes how do we attain higher energetic vibrations?  We allow for stillness in our lives.  We reach for the calmness within.  Yet, in this life, particularly in the United States, it is challenging to slow down, to stop, to meditate.  Once we are able to tap into that stillness, we can apply it to our lives.  Think of this:  when you are on the right path, don’t you feel happy and alive?  Isn’t that the most wonderful feeling! At that point, you are present, truly living in the moment.  We ground ourselves with the experiences of life while allowing light to flood our spirits.  We connect with not only our own pure energy, but with the energy of the universe in these moments. What is our purpose while on this Earth?  To experience life in all its joyful physicality, in all our day-to-day interactions.  Do we need to make a difference, do we need to be remembered or to be in a history book?  Yes and no.  Some people place their intentions within the universe to be remembered by many.  They view their purpose in life is to leave a mark somehow.  Sometimes those people are remembered, but perhaps not in the way they anticipated.  Look at Shelley’s poem Ozymandias which reflects that point nicely regarding Ramesses II.   

In the end, we do make a difference, just by existing.  We are remembered, if not on this plane, then in a different one, not to mention by our Higher Selves—otherwise known as our spirits or our souls.  Just by existing, we are a part of history, regardless of whether we are ever notated in some silly human book which synopsizes people’s actions.  In the span of existence, we are a mere blip, at most.  After all, our souls are merely encapsulated by our bodies for a short time.  Yet, to ourselves, and to others we have touched, our existence has meaning.  And, each person satisfies the Higher Self’s goal—to experience life in all its glory; no other purpose exists. 

Sharing insights helps us to grow.  So, who are you?  How are you seeking out your enlightenment?  What do you make of your life’s journey, so far?  Where do you hope to go?  Life is all about choices.  What do you choose?  Will it be the road less traveled? Robert Frost stated that it made all the difference.

Every action and inaction affects the next moment, the unfolding of life.  Nothing occurs by accident—all is perfectly orchestrated.  My words have come to you by your invocation.  Otherwise, these words would not have reached you.  I believe it is a sacred undertaking—to share thoughts.  The intention I release into the universe is that you disregard any reticence you harbor and allow yourself to explore. Share your thoughts.  It connects us. 

2007 copyright Jodi A. Zeramby
Jodi A. Zeramby is an author, a Massachusetts Attorney, a professional photographer and serves as a member of the Lightarian Board.  This piece is an excerpt from her latest book that will be published later on this year.  To learn more about Jodi's photography, please visit her website at www.journeysdesign.com 

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Alchemy of Nutrition: Cleansing while Clearing

by Linda Meneses, Certified Health Educator, USA and Portugal

Nutrition today can be complex, never mind being on a personal quest for health through purification of the body, mind and spirit.  New diets and supplements sprout up everywhere around us. 

Consider the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto...His photographs of water crystals document the effect of our thoughts on water.   “Love & Gratitude” is represented by image at right.

Water-the ultimate cleanser, is the Philosopher's Stone of nutrients.  As is pointed out in “What The Bleep Do We Know” (the film), we are 60% water!  And this film also demonstrates through the theories of Quantum Physics how our thoughts, actually more like how our feelings have a huge influence on our body chemistry and therefore on our overall wellbeing.  For this reason, the Adept searching for health must work on purification of the mind as well as the body.  And for those whose quest for health is a spiritual one, detoxification is essential to fine tuning the body to the “higher frequencies”.  But the focus here is the body, the temple of the spirit.  

The Qi or “life force” within live, (raw) foods and juices make them therapeutically powerful. Due to the abundant and easily absorbed nutrients, which cleanse the cells of toxins and supply all the necessary elements for the body’s many processes. The body is then able to tap into its vast regenerative resources.  Live foods are raw vegetables and fruits as well as sprouted grains, beans, seeds and nuts.  Because they are not cooked, the nutrients, plant hormones and enzymes are in tact and therefore, perfectly packaged for easy digestion. Sprouts are called 'super food' as they contain enormous levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes.

Linda Meneses has studied nutrition since 1987 and is certified by Hippocrates Institute as a holistic health educator.  She has many years experience preparing food for cleansing and optimal health and calls her approach to diet, the Alchemy of Nutrition, food for body, mind and spirit. Over the coming newsletters, I will share my knowledge while highlighting simple ways to introduce nutrients and release toxins.  I will also be accepting questions by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject heading being “Alchemy of Nutrition”. 

In good health and well-being,

Linda Meneses, Health Educator

2007 copyright Linda Meneses

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Featured Licensee....

Yuko Okamoto, Japan

My path to the world of healing and spirituality started and progressed along with raising my three sons. In 1989, my first son, one year old then, started running a high fever. I gave him a medicine for fever and three days later his temperature was still running high. I did not know what to do. Then I remembered a book on an old Japanese hand healing method I had read and it described a healing technique, receiving universal energy thru your left hand and sending it out through your right hand. Not really expecting it to work, I decided to give it a try and put my right hand on my son. To my surprise, it worked! It brought down his temperature in no time. Since then, I continued to experience this magic, “I put my hands on and the problem goes away”. Every time any of my sons got sick, I helped them heal by putting my hand on them. Still it was not something I was properly taught and I had no idea on how and why it works….

In October 1993, my family moved to Atlanta, US, Little did I know that I would experience a life-changing encounter there. One week after my arrival in Atlanta, I saw a huge sparkling white statue of an angel in front of a big church in Dunwoody, astonishingly tall and with magnificent wings. But next time I visited the church, the statue of an angel was not there. There was only a stone monument inscribed with the name of the church. The statue of an angel I saw was so real and could not be my imagination. I only found out much later that it was Archangel Michael who manifested himself to welcome me to the new world opening ahead of me. The first three years in the US had been a real challenge for me, having to raise three sons of young age, in a foreign country with completely different culture, not being able to understand, speak, read or write the language. I was feeling left alone, having no one to depend on. I was living with fear.

It was in April 1997, the moment when I first encountered Reiki. The healing of my own style, “receiving universal energy and running it through my hands”, was actually exactly what Reiki was and had the same quality of energy as Reiki. Reiki and Meditation gave me a lot of spiritual knowledge, inspiration and awakening. It was the time of my spiritual awakening, peeling off layers of my old issues and transforming into a new me. As soon as I was back to Japan in June 1998, I started practicing Reiki healing and past-life regression therapy.

In June 1999, I founded Y&Y Healing Center. In August 1999, the first URRI (Usui Reiki Ryoho International) Workshop was held in Vancouver, Canada, for which I was part of the workshop organizers. At this Vancouver workshop, some new information on the truly traditional Reiki in Japan as taught by Mr.Mikao Usui was first introduced to the western world and attracted the attentions from Reiki masters world-wide. In November 1999, I was given the role of Karuna Reiki ® Representative of Japan and started to officially introduce Karuna Reiki ® in Japan. In 2000, Y&Y Healing Center hosted the second URRI Workshop in Kyoto, Japan. Reiki masters in Japan and from overseas got together in Kyoto, the birthplace of Reiki. In October 2001, I introduced SSR (Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki) to Japan, holding the first SSR class in Japan, inviting Mr. Tom Rigler, a SSR master, from US. Tom introduced me Lightarian Programs then. Later in July 2002, I started to pass on AngelLink to my Reiki students. I became a Lightarian Licensee in Japan at the same time, helping to spread Lightarian programs in Japan. Without any intentions, I ended up with working to introduce the traditional Reiki in Japan to overseas for the fist two years after I was back to Japan and thereafter working a window for introducing western energy work to Japan.

Y&Y Healing Center, currently located at the center of Kyoto City, holds a very comfortable space where angels come forth whenever sessions or workshops are given. I regularly give classes/workshops for Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki ®, Healing practices, Angel Healing, Counseling & Aura Reading, Spiritual Aroma Therapy, Full/New Moon meditations, Channeling. And my private sessions include Lightwork Sessions, Spiritual Reading, Reiki healing, past-life regression therapy and attunements for Lightarian ReikiTM, Lightarian RaysTM, AngellinkTM. I have students and clients coming from all over Japan and also from overseas, including France, Canada, US, who are all seeking for healing and spiritual growth of their souls

My healing work is supported by Archangel Michael who has been guiding me since the first encounter and also by Angels and ascended masters. However my source of power on the physical plane is my three sons. My work evolved along with their growth. And more than anything else, the infinite love, power and support from Yukio Miura, the other staff of Y&Y Healing Center, my twin soul and my partner, have been what create and activate new energy work of Y&Y.   www.yandyhc.com

Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Lightarian ReikiTM Master, SSR (SEKHEM-Seichim-Reiki) Master, Lightarian RayTM Teacher, AngelLinkTM Facilitator, Gendai Reiki Master, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Past-life Regression therapist, Hypno-therapist, Aroma Therapist, Reflexologist, Reconnective Healing Practitioner

To order Japanese Lightarian manuals, please visit the following link:


NOTE: As only registered teachers are able to order manuals, please contact Y&Y Healing Center at [email protected] for the passcode information. 


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FOUNDERS' NOTE: Process of Spiritual Evolution
by Christopher and Jeannine Jelm

Hello from Christopher and Jeannine.  It has been about a year since we retired from the day-to-day activities of the Institute.  During this time, we have continued to focus our attention on deeper and deeper levels of our spiritual development.  Especially over the last few months, we have been undergoing some intensive energetic shifts and changes…all seemingly directed toward a final “ascension” climb up the proverbial spiritual mountain.  During this time, we have been “living out” some general principles that we feel represent the last cycle or stage of spiritual development.  Some of you may already be going through this same stage.  To help you better understand the overall spiritual development process, we would like to share with you an overview of “our take” on the stages of personal spiritual development.  Note: We are working on expanding these ideas into a book.

UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS OF YOUR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION…   In very general terms, spiritual evolution of the individual can be best understood as the three Acts within a stage play.  Of course, we each have our very personalized “play” with its mix of drama and comedy, joys and tragedies…all the elements of the human experience that we manifest for ourselves here in this plane of experience. The three Acts of the play are like phases of development with dominant energetic focuses and themes at work, all of which provide the various driving-forces that propel each of us through our experiences.  The accumulated “Scenes” within the three Acts represent one’s unfolding experiences and, from our perspective, they take on certain fundamental characteristic patterns. 

Also, as we move along our unfolding spiritual paths, we all know that there’s plenty of etheric activity going on in the background.  The Masters, Angels and our other Celestial Friends serve as our guides, teachers and supporters…all collaborating with our Soul and Higher Self energies to create the life that each of us needs, wants and desires at all levels of our experience.  Linking this view of the “etheric orchestration” occurring in our lives to our metaphor of the stage play, it’s clear that there’s plenty of “backstage” activity going on while the “on-stage” three Act performance unfolds.

As we’ve seen it for ourselves and from watching others, here’s a summary of some of the experiences that we are all having, to one degree or another, as all of our “stage plays” move along:

Act I:  Strong, potentially intense physical and lower-vibrational etheric processes unfold as Act I focuses on the incarnational self.  Self-empowerment is the principle theme playing out (as many of you may know, personal empowerment is generally the starting point in one’s spiritual development).  Then, the process continues with clearing, healing, activation and manifestation. Virtually every one of your core issues about being on this plane and operating in physical life will be examined and probably tested!  Strong emotional and mental releasings take place along with deep healing, the dropping of belief structures and major, often dramatic, rearranging of the outer circumstances in one’s physical world. 

Family members may think you’re going crazy…and old friends may peel away. You may be motivated to change your job/career and probably feel some promptings to move.  There is also a strong emphasis on the purification of the physical body, often leading to spiritually-driven healing crises.  Your Self energies at all levels are strongly driving the process…being supported by your etheric helpers.  These interactions can be strong and very palpable. Usually nothing subtle happens during Act I.  Lots of questions and challenges will arise. Tough choices and decisions may have to be made in areas of your life, where you never before had questions or problems.  It can be equated to rearranging your life in order to get to the “base camp” at the foot of the spiritual mountain…preparing yourself for the ascension climb.

Act II:  As you transition from Act I to Act II, it’s not quite like a curtain drops for an Intermission and then rises again.  It’s more like a flip into a different mode of processing and further development.  All the factors of Act I continue on into Act II while a new energetic overlay enters into your personal stage play. A script would say… (Enter soul energies).  For some this can be quick and dramatic, while for most people on the path, it’s more subtle and takes time.  What occurs is that the next higher aspect of your evolving consciousness seems to start showing up in the physical plane. Please understand that challenges will continue, perhaps even stronger than before.  However, one usually experiences a different way to process all the flows of energies within oneself. Some aspects of day-to-day life will start to settle down and flow more smoothly as you integrate spiritual change into more areas of your life.  New insights and perspectives will flow in, while many entrenched core emotional and physical challenges remain, probably intensifying to even painful proportions.

A challenging duality starts to build as your emerging spiritual Self experiences heightened levels of awareness, more joyous flows in life and a growing sense of being the “witness” to your own play. This is often counterbalanced by the continued processing out of physical body stresses and ailments, the clearing of your deepest fears and the releasing of your strongest chronic self-doubts. Act II is truly an exciting phase…potentially “challenging to the max” while offering you perhaps your first true experiential glimpses into your own Divinity. This is all part of the first leg of your ascension climb up the mountain!

Act III:  Your climb continues and even accelerates as you enter Act III.  Again, there’s no curtain going up and down…but a transition into a remarkably new sense of Self.  All of the prior spiritual development work that was moving forward in Acts I and II will continue on.  Then, as needed, it will probably intensify...especially, if you have not yet effectively released your old adverse patterns that cannot be carried into your new higher vibrational state of being.  You will have to finally deal with ALL of your major life issues (those wonderful patterns that have served as source-material for your life drama) in order to now make way for the stronger, deeper insertion of your Higher Self energies into daily life.  Of course, the script for Act III would be… (Enter Higher Self).

As you begin to function at a higher vibrational rate, some interesting and challenging phenomenon may start appearing in your life.  In addition to having more and greater experiences of divine joy and fulfillment, you may develop a rather curious lack of passion, as you actually engage less and less in the physical world.  A strange paradox may develop where you feel more detached and “global” (even perhaps universal and celestial in your sense of consciousness) while you find yourself operating with purposeful effectiveness regarding physical matters…when you need to!  It’s like being here when needed and “being elsewhere” when not engaging in daily activities.  Your sense of true spiritual purpose may become refined, while your sense of what to do day-to-day on the planet may feel very elusive to you. And you may experience an extraordinary sense of “being truly in the moment” more and more of the time. 

This disengagement from physicality may sometimes be overwhelming…perhaps bordering on disorientation at times.  You may often feel very disconnected from friends, family and daily life activities.  Act III typically calls for two essential and apparently diverging types of experiences… [1] Surrender: a need to totally surrender as your spiritual process seems to go beyond your ability to “manage” it and even consciously understand it and [2] Focus and Discipline: a need, at times, to create extraordinary focus and discipline in order to simply handle whatever aspects of daily life still demand your attention.  To us, Act III is all about creating the experience of total trust in the face of almost total uncertainty…truly a challenge worthy of our highest spiritual dedication.

Regardless of which Act you feel you are in (and which kinds of scenes you are going through), just know that you are not alone.  Trust that the “propulsive forces” of your Self-spirit are always with you and your celestial helpers are always “in the wings” (backstage) to be of support.  So, continue to be patient with your ascension process as you begin to bring ever-increasing levels of Self-Light into your experience. 

Copyright 2007 — Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation

All Rights Reserved


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